I can help with...


  • Application architecture, particularly on the frontend
  • Build pipelines
  • Developer productivity
  • Improving legacy codebases
  • Taking better advantage of web browser capabilities
  • Adopting TypeScript

I focus on pragmatic solutions that avoid over and under engineering. I can help navigate frontend technology choices and find solid solutions that avoid hype, but also leverage recent innovations from both the web development community and new features in web browsers.

Software engineering

  • Add new features to existing projects
  • Create new projects from scratch, including MVPs and prototypes
  • Improve performance of websites
  • Increase application reliability through test coverage and analytics
  • Update older websites to modern CSS, HTML and JavaScript standards

With my computer science background and experience across many domains, I create software that is reliable, performant, well documented, and easy to maintain.


  • Implement design mock ups
  • Adapt off-the-shelf website templates to meet your needs
  • Create clean and intuitive interfaces
  • Style and component guides

I have extensive experience working with designers, mock ups and templates. While I can't create a stunning design from scratch, I can create clean and intuitive interfaces ideal for applications such as internal tools or admin dashboards.

My resume is viewable here, and I can be reached by email at matt.e.greer@gmail.com. I look forward to speaking with you.