My name is Matt Greer and I am based in Michigan

I have been a professional software engineer since 2004, but started programming as a small child. My career has spanned many industries and technologies, but lately I've focused on web tech such as React, Web Assembly and Svelte.

I have worked for Netflix and Microsoft, amongst other companies (here is my resume).

My Interests

As you can probably tell by many of my projects, I really like old video games. I especially find old game console hardware interesting. It's super neat how they were custom built for running games, almost as if they have a game engine built into the hardware itself.

Recently I have been exploring baking bread and pizza. Here is a recent baguette I made, and well, I have a long ways to go . It's pretty interesting just how far down the rabbit hole you can go on flour, hydration, fermentation and more. And eating delicious bread regularly is okay by me.a baguette I made

I'm a big softy when it comes to animals. Here is our blind dog Franny,Franny, my dog

and our cat Charlie.Charlie, my cat

I also really enjoy the game Dance Dance Revolution. This is a video game where you physically "dance" on a platform in time with the game's prompts. It's a great workout! I've recently acquired an amazing home setup which is just about on par with what you'd find in an arcade.My DDR setup

I enjoy the game so much I created to help people find interesting songs they didn't know about.

This Website

This site was built with Next.JS and hosted by Vercel. I used Tailwind CSS for the styling, and created the illustrations with Inkscape. You can see its source code here.