King of Fighters 94 title screen

King of Fighters 94: Team Edit Edition


King of Fighters 94 was the first game in the King of Fighters series. It lacked the team edit feature present in all of its sequels. I reverse engineered the game and added the feature in.

Rotary Bobble logo

Rotary Bobble

rom hack

A classic arcade puzzle game, changed to use a rotary controller instead of a joystick.

Screenshot of my game maker, Smaghetti



A web based level creator for Super Mario Bros. 3

Screenshot of



A website for players of the game Dance Dance Revolution

Breakouts logo



A community created collection of the game breakout, implemented in many JavaScript game engines.

Inspired by TodoMVC, it provides a good way to find an engine that resonates with you.

A diagram showing how a particle moves in a particle system

Particle Systems


An article I wrote for

It walks through how particle systems work, complete with interactive demos.

LEGO mosaic of Samus from Metroid



A tool for creating LEGO mosaics from video game screenshots.

Screenshots of my two Arduboy games

Arduboy Games

video game

I created two games for the Arduboy portable console.

It's really challenging fitting an entire game into the Arduboy's 26kb of space!

Screenshot of the overworld map in Super Mario World

Super Mario World Rocks


A detailed look at one of Nintendo's best video games.